Art of Training delivers language and communication-based projects to your company. 

From project formation to phase out, and any place in between, Art of Training is your resource for linguistic, community, and intercultural projects. We develop, assess, prioritize, manage, schedule, resolve issues and deliver the desired outcomes.   

Vocational workforce language training:
For the non-English speaking workforce in need of improved English language skills. If your entire workforce can communicate directly with supervisors on the line, delays are avoided, safety is improved, and quality rises. Increased competence in reading and writing means that new safety and operating procedures are clearly understood, employee training manuals are linguistically accessible, and written communications to employees with limited Engish skills are effective. 

Community Development:
For the organization whose corporate social responsibility credo includes community outreach and development in linguistically and culturally diverse environments.

Executive speaking:
For the Executive or executive group who recognize that their personal and corporate success, whether in communication, sales, marketing, manufacturing or management would benefit from accent reduction, lexical amplification, linguistic specificity and broader structural framework.

Submittal and Proposal Management:
Government, International, Corporate Grants, Development Funding and Research organizations often have very complex, detailed, specifically organized requirements. Gathering the necessary documentation, researching requirement specifications, and clarifying ambiguous requirements in order to submit a winning proposal to these organizations requires a dedicated resource. 

Technical Ghost Writing:
For the engineer, technician, or professional department that need assistance in organizing their thoughts into white papers, operating manuals, standard procedures, compliance demonstration, submittals/proposals, and general communications for the non-technical reader. 

Translation and Interpretation:
Translation:  Full-cycle translation services for business, non-profit organizations, health industry, community development, manufacturing, museum, tourism, legal documents, education and individuals.
Interpretation:  On-site, conference call, and video-conference interpretation for health providers, legal aid, human resources, attorneys, employee training, trade shows and conferences.

When your non-governmental organization needs to contract a language education or linguistic service as part of a larger project, or as the project itself, Art of Training has the expertise, cultural sensitivity, and pedagogic background to deliver. 

For the non-profit organization that needs to commit external resources to a project such as education, training, outreach, grant-writing and grant-sourcing.

Your organization has neither the time nor the resources to painstakingly complete the application requirements for that ideal grant for your funding needs. Put us on it, we'll take care of the hassle. We work with you to gather the necessary grant information and documentation, fine-tune your proposal, and clarify ambiguous grant terminology in order to submit a winning grant proposal. We also provide Grant Researching services to match your organization with funding resources.

Copywriting, Editing and Proofreading:
Your website, brochures, publications, manuals are your image and branding. Whether you have us write them for you, or have us review them when you're done, Art of Training is attention to detail.


Other Services Offered by Art Of Training